“My teams found him both inspiring and practical in his candid and often humorous approach to management, goal attainment, and simple straight-forward living. He draws from his own experience from his time with the incredible John Wooden through his years as a successful entertainment executive and beyond. He has the ability to point out what should be obvious to us all about the importance of balance and hard work and how that can and should bring you both joy and success.”

Mark Kaner,
President, Global Distribution and International Strategy
20th Century Fox and 21st Century Fox

“To describe Andy Hill’s presentations as “inspiring” or “motivating” would be like calling John Wooden a “pretty good coach.”  Andy’s words drill to the core of his listeners, alter the way they feel and think about their lives, and give them both a structure and the confidence for taking control over their future. If by enlisting an outside speaker you want to achieve a result, and not just fill time with glib messaging, then Andy Hill is the one you want.”

Eric Garen
Founder and Chairman
Bright Prospect (www.brightprospect.org)


“Andy Hill is one of the foremost speakers on Leadership and Coach John Wooden in the country. His professional experience in television added to the life lessons he gleaned playing for the legendary Coach Wooden and gives him a unique perspective on the importance of preparation, integrity, and character unlike any other in his field.”

Val Kondos
UCLA Bruins Gymnastics Head Coach


“Andy’s life lessons to me, delivered both through presentations to clients and through personal time sharing a meal or playing golf, have been instrumental in shaping my life successes. The dedication to his craft, playing basketball in the early years under coach Wooden, a successful career in entertainment, and then writing a book about the life lessons learned, has been instrumental in helping 1000’s of people pursue excellence with humility.”

George D. Riedel
Head of U.S. Intermediaries
T. Rowe Price


“Andy Hill provides a laser-focused, inspirational message to any team seeking to find unity in a shared purpose. Many of our leaders described Andy’s talk as the most incredible and inspiring professional lecture they had ever heard—no small compliment coming from a healthcare team recently ranked by US News and World Report as ‘Best in the West.’ The Wizard of Westwood is alive in Andy Hill and, as a result, in our newly inspired team of careers!”

Dr. Thomas Strouse
UCLA Professor, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences
Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica


“It’s not easy to break through to marginalized women and men who have been living at or below the poverty line. But with his practical advice, emotionally engaging anecdotes, humility—and humor—Andy curated an encounter infused with the true spirit of personal and professional leadership that has made a lasting impression on our group. What Andy does goes far beyond the traditional offerings of ‘motivational speakers’, ‘management gurus’, and ‘life coaches’—his heartfelt approach creates not only inspiration, but what can only be called a spiritual experience.”

Kevin Stein
Co-founder, The Bridge Program at Antioch University, Los Angeles