Andy Hill Can Transform Your Organization…


Andy is a motivational speaker and author whose unique success as president of two media companies, CBS Productions and Channel One Network, was based on lessons he learned from Coach John Wooden as a member of three N.C.A.A. basketball teams at UCLA.

  • January 1991 to April 1996, Andy Hill served as President of CBS Productions in charge of development and production for all CBS-owned entertainment programming.
  • In addition to increasing network advertising profits, these series will generate more than $1.4 billion in foreign and domestic syndication income.
  • Hill was responsible for some of the decade’s most successful primetime programming including TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL, DR. QUINN: MEDICINE WOMAN, WALKER TEXAS RANGER, CAROLINE IN THE CITY, DAVE’S WORLD, and RESCUE 911.
  • With the success of shows like those above, CBS Productions became the network’s leading supplier of primetime programs.
  • With Touched by an Angel, Doctor Quinn: Medicine Woman and Walker Texas Ranger, it was the first and only time in broadcasting history that one studio supplied an entire successful night of programming to any network.
  • In 1997, Hill was named President of Programming for the Channel One Network, producing award-winning news programming for 8 million American teens.
  • Left Channel One in July, 2000, to write BE QUICK-BUT DON’T HURRY!, Finding Success in the Teachings of a Lifetime.
  • Hill’s educational credentials include a Master’s Degree in Education and an B.A. Degree in Psychology, both from UCLA.
  • He was a member of three consecutive N.C.A.A. Championship basketball teams , one of only 13 men in NCAA history, under the guidance of Coach Wooden. John Wooden & Andy Hill
  • Andy has appeared on ABC’s NIGHTLINE with Ted Koppel, PBS’s NEWSHOUR with Jim Lehrer, CNBC’s POWER LUNCH with Bill Griffeth,  FOX SPORTS NET ROUNDTABLE with Bill MacDonald, ESPN’s Bill Walton’s Long Strange Trip, CBS’ THE TEN GREATEST COACHES OF ALL TIME. Andy was also the subject of a feature on FOX SPORTS NET narrated by Todd Donoho and has recently appeared on HBO’s REAL SPORTS with Bryant Gumbel.